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Here are our seven biggest questions after the Bungie/Activision 'divorce.' Destiny: We React to the Activision Bungie Split https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=...

Following the news that Bungie has gained the full rights to Destiny after announcing their very public split with Activision, things are continuing to look a little grimmer for the big-name company. First, Activision's stock took a pretty steep dive following the breakup, now they are currently [...]

Investors seem to be spooked about the Call of Duty publisher losing one of its big PS4, Xbox One, and PC franchises.

Activision Bungie split resulted in the publishing giant's stock value plummeting by 9.37 percent on Friday, January 11.

.With the split, Bungie now assumes full publishing rights of the Destiny franchise. As you may know, it has always owned the IP, but previously the publishing rights belonged to Activision.Why the break up happened, nobody knows for sure. Activision claims it wants to focus on IP it owns, but [...]