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Sin and Punishment is one of the strangest cases in the history of the Wii's Virtual Console. This Treasure Co. project was a Japanese-only Nintendo 64 game set in Japan with Japanese protagonists voice acted entirely in English. It was onl...

PS4 news this week includes the discovery of an interesting new Sony PlayStation project, as well as a new gaming update that could mean a massive exclusive arriving very soon.

The Nintendo Switch hasn't just been hot in the west, it's been hot in Japan, despite the Japanese gaming market cooling down on consoles the past few years.But to put it's relevance in Japan into context, here's a little factoid: it outsold the PS4 in the country during 2018 2:1.More [...]

The Nintendo Switch has proved to be a popular console with video gamers in Japan. While smartphone gaming has massively impacted the overall console market, the Nintendo Switch still manages to flourish. Nintendo's latest system has now shifted an impressive seven million units since it launched in March 2017 and is on track to outsell…

PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are the leading consoles going into 2019, and it looks like a new rival is looking to make some waves in the future.