1. Some hoppy news: Hops don't need to go dormant in order to flower: New possibilities for indoor, sustainable, local production of hops  Science Daily
  2. Some hoppy news: Hops don't need to go dormant in order to flower  Phys.org
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A Star Ejected from the Milky Way's 'Heart of Darkness' Has Reached a Mind-Blowing Speed  Space.comView full coverage on Google News
  1. Animation of the First Expedition 61 AMS Spacewalk  NASA Video
  2. NASA news: Space Station astronauts share breathtaking views of Earth from the ISS  Express.co.uk
  3. All-Female Spacewalk Captured by Tethered GoPro  VideoFromSpace
  4. ISS Astronauts May Soon Be Enjoying Freshly-Baked Cookies  DOGOnews
  5. Expedition 61 AMS Overview Briefing - November 12, 2019  NASA Video
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Steven Bergwijn insider tells Man Utd transfer is on if they return to Champions League  Mirror OnlineView full coverage on Google News
  1. Idina Menzel & Kristen Bell Talk About 'Frozen's' Impact on Kids  extratv
  2. Kristen Bell dons three chic coats during whirlwind Frozen 2 promo tour with co-star Idina Menzel  Daily Mail
  3. Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel share details about 'Frozen 2'  GMA
  4. FROZEN 2 Interviews with Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad and More  CinemaBlend
  5. Frozen 2: Everything we know about Disney’s next big film  The Indian Express
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  1. Hillary Clinton 'under enormous pressure' to run in 2020  BBC News
  2. Hillary Clinton on Meghan Markle: 'Oh My God, I Want to Hug Her!'  PEOPLE.com
  3. Clinton says she is being urged by 'many, many, many people' to run in 2020  POLITICO
  4. Hillary Clinton 'wants to hug Meghan over racist treatment'  BBC News
  5. Hillary Clinton says she wants to hug Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, over media coverage  CNN
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  1. 19 hysterical winners from this year's Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards  INSIDER
  2. These are the funniest wildlife photos of the year  Stuff.co.nz
  3. Have a giggle at the winning photo from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards  Digital Camera World
  4. Awkwardly-timely photo of lion cub wins Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019  INSIDER
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  1. Patch Tuesday, November 2019 Edition  Krebs on Security
  2. Windows 10 November 2019 Update is now available as more of a service pack  The Verge
  3. This November, give thanks for only having one exploited Microsoft flaw for Patch Tues. And four Hyper-V escapes  The Register
  4. Microsoft updates Windows 10, improving search results and simplifying calendar entries  CNBC
  5. Windows 10 November 2019 Update now available and rolling out  Windows Central
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  1. Apple AirPods Pro - 5 Best and 5 Worst Features!  9to5Mac
  2. Apple AirPods Pro Review: The Best Earbuds for iPhone  WIRED
  3. Apple’s new AirPods Pro are awesome wireless earbuds — but for how long?  Digital Trends
  4. All the Ways iOS 13 Makes AirPods Even Better!  AppleInsider
  5. Today’s top deals: Roku 4K TV, $90 off Sony ANC headphones, AirPods 2 blowout, $19 Wi-Fi extender, iPad sale, more  BGR
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  1. Minecraft Earth is live, so get tapping  TechCrunch
  2. Minecraft Earth Is Now Live  Kotaku
  3. Minecraft Earth Lands in the US—Let the Block Party Begin  WIRED
  4. Microsoft Bets Big on AR With U.S. Launch of Minecraft Earth In Early Access  Gizmodo
  5. Minecraft Earth goes live in preview for the entire United States  PCWorld
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  1. Apple will reportedly introduce 16-inch MacBook Pro as soon as tomorrow  The Verge
  2. 16-inch MacBook Pro reveal likely this week as Apple appears to be holding private press briefings  9to5Mac
  3. Apple Set to Launch MacBook Pro With Bigger Screen, New Keyboard  Bloomberg
  4. Black Friday Preview: Amazon takes $200 off 13-inch MacBook Pro  Tom's Guide
  5. Bloomberg: 16-inch MacBook Pro coming as soon as tomorrow, starting at $2,400  9to5Mac
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  1. Tim Cook to host Donald Trump at Texas Apple factory, per report  The Verge
  2. President Trump and Tim Cook are going to tour an Apple factory in Texas together  Business Insider
  3. Tim Cook and President Trump to tour Apple facilities in Texas together, report says  9to5Mac
  4. Apple CEO Tim Cook and U.S. President Donald Trump to Tour Apple Operations in Texas  MacRumors
  5. Tim Cook, President Trump to tour Apple's Texas manufacturing facilities  AppleInsider
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  1. After Singles' Day, come the deliveries  CGTN America
  2. Alibaba gets nod for secondary listing, in another win for Hong Kong  South China Morning Post
  3. Growth of E-Commerce in PH  CNN Philippines
  4. Chinese consumers smash 'Singles' Day' shopping record  Yahoo News
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  1. Former McDonald's worker details alleged sexual harassment  CBS Evening News
  2. US worker sues McDonald's claiming sexual harassment was ignored  Stuff.co.nz
  3. After CEO's Ouster, McDonald's Workers Sue Company Over 'Systemic Problem' of Sexual Harassment  TIME
  4. McDonald’s faces sexual harassment claims  Financial Times
  5. McDonald's workers sue to address 'systemic problem' of sexual harassment  CNBC
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  1. World's largest Starbucks set to open in Chicago  Associated Press
  2. A look inside Starbucks' newest Reserve Roastery in Chicago  CNBC
  3. The biggest Starbucks roastery in the world opens in Chicago  Fast Company
  4. World's largest Starbucks, in Chicago, is a design winner  Chicago Tribune
  5. What to Know About the World’s Largest Starbucks in Downtown Chicago  Eater Chicago
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Ghana reverses 'premature' recognition of Kosovo  Yahoo NewsView full coverage on Google News
The Stowaway: Who was the man who fell from the sky?  Sky NewsView full coverage on Google News
  1. Nasa renames solar system object previously known as ‘Ultimate Thule’ to ‘Arrokoth’ after Nazi controversy  The Independent
  2. Wild space rock Ultima Thule gets new official name: Arrokoth  CNET
  3. NASA renames faraway ice world 'Arrokoth' after backlash  Phys.org
  4. Distant space rock known as Ultima Thule renamed to avoid Nazi links  New Scientist News
  5. NASA Renames Faraway Ice World "Arrokoth" After Nazi Controversy  NDTV News
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  1. Thermonuclear Explosion in Sagittarius Constellation Is One of the Brightest Ever Recorded  Livescience.com
  2. NASA Telescope Spots Massive, Trippy Thermonuclear Blast  Popular Mechanics
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  1. 'The Mandalorian' Brings The Wild West To The Final Frontier | Entertainment Weekly  Entertainment Weekly
  2. The Mandalorian Is Here and Star Wars Will Never Be the Same  Gizmodo
  3. 'The Mandalorian' Season 2 Has This Criteria For 'Star Wars' Directors  Showbiz Cheat Sheet
  4. The Mandalorian review: Star Wars' first live-action show is off to a great start  The Verge
  5. Star Wars fans treated to a look at a baby from Yoda's species  Daily Mail
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  1. Sonic the Hedgehog's new look has the internet breathing a sigh of relief  Washington Post
  2. Sonic: One Image Shows Just How Much Better The Movie's Redesign Is  Screen Rant
  3. Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) - New Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures  Paramount Pictures
  4. Sonic the Hedgehog: A History of SEGA's Mascot in Games, Movies, and More - IGN  IGN
  5. SONIC: The Hedgehog Trailer 2 (2020)  KinoCheck International
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  1. Pixel 4 tips and tricks: Get the most out of your Made by Google phone [Video]  9to5Google
  2. Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL Sales May Not Be Reaching Google’s Expectations, as Company Increases Trade-in Discounts  Wccftech
  3. There just aren't enough good reasons to upgrade to the Pixel 4  Android Police
  4. If you're not seeing the new Google Assistant on your Pixel 4, here's how to fix it  PCWorld
  5. Best Buy Black Friday: Best iPhone, Pixel & Samsung Galaxy Deals  Forbes
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  1. Herman Miller is getting into gaming  The Verge
  2. Complexity Gaming Signs Herman Miller as Seating Partner  The Esports Observer
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  1. Disney Plus Suffers Major Technical Difficulties on Opening Day  Variety
  2. How to Get Disney+ Free Through Your Verizon Subscription  Collider.com
  3. How to Get Disney+ Free for a Year With Verizon Right Now  Fortune
  4. Verizon's Disney Plus deal: How to get 1 year free, plus other cheap subscription deals  CNET
  5. How to Get Your Free Year of Disney+ If You're a Verizon Customer  Gizmodo
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Ghana Withdraws 'Premature' Kosovo Recognition  Radio Free Europe/ Radio LibertyView full coverage on Google News
  1. KAA: Man who fell from London plane was never JKIA employee  Standard Digital
  2. Man who fell from KQ plane into a London garden identified  The Citizen Daily
  3. The Stowaway: Who was the man who fell from the sky?  Sky News
  4. Stowaway who landed in London garden 'identified' as Kenyan airport worker  Telegraph.co.uk
  5. Heathrow stowaway who plunged 4,000ft from jet into Clapham garden is ‘Kenyan airport worker’  The Sun
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  1. Rubaramira's Long Journey With Hiv  New Vision
  2. A man reportedly cured of HIV/AIDS; What does this mean for Africa?  The Maravi Post
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  1. ‘Ghost’ footprints hiding since end of last ice age revealed by new radar technique  The Independent
  2. Ice Age footprints of mammoths and prehistoric humans revealed for the first time using radar  Phys.Org
  3. New radar technique uncovers fossilised footprints dating back to last Ice Age  Daily Star
  4. Scientists find human footprint in a mammoth track using 3D radar  msnNOW
  5. "Ghost" Footprints Hiding Since End Of Ice Age Found Using Special Radar  NDTV News
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  1. Kathie Lee Gifford Returns To TODAY With Update On Work And Dating | TODAY  TODAY
  2. Kathie Lee Gifford is Back on 'Today!' Find Out What She Revealed to Hoda and Jenna  Showbiz Cheat Sheet
  3. Kathie Lee Gifford Makes First Today Show Appearance 7 Months After Her Exit: 'Remember Me?'  PEOPLE.com
  4. Kathie Lee Gifford Returns To 'Today,' Tells All On Dating Life  Radar Online
  5. Kathie Lee Gifford says she went on first date in 33 years  Today.com
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  1. Days Of Our Lives releases 'entire cast' from their contracts  Daily Mail
  2. Entire 'Days of Our Lives' Cast Released From Contract  PopCulture.com
  3. 'Days Of Our Lives' Cast Released From Their Contracts, Prompting Speculation Show May Be Ending  Just Jared
  4. Days of Our Lives Releases Entire Cast from Contract: Is It About to Be Canceled?  TV Fanatic
  5. 'Days of Our Lives' Fans Not Ok After Entire Cast Gets Fired  PopCulture.com
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  1. Black Friday 2019: The best TV deals available right now (and what's coming soon)  CNET
  2. Black Friday 2019: The best TV deals available right now (and what's coming soon)  CNET
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  1. Samsung Galaxy Note10 to receive second One UI 2.0 beta in the next few days - GSMArena.com news  GSMArena.com
  2. New Galaxy S11 Details Reveal Samsung’s Surprising Upgrade  Forbes
  3. These new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deals make the world's best smartphone more affordable  TechRadar
  4. Samsung 108MP sensor detailed in OneUI 2 camera app code  Gizchina.com
  5. Samsung foldable devices with glass displays hinted by new supplier investment  Android Authority
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  1. Users find smartphones cameras switch on without permission when they open the Facebook iOS app  Daily Mail
  2. Facebook iOS 13 ‘Bug’ Opens Your Camera While You Scroll Your Feed  Forbes
  3. Facebook’s iOS app might be opening the camera in the background  The Verge
  4. Bug in Facebook App Accesses the Camera in the Background  MacRumors
  5. Facebook bug shows its iPhone app secretly activates camera in the background  Telegraph.co.uk
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  1. Abra Adding 60 New Cryptocurrencies in Consumer Adoption Push: Report  Cointelegraph
  2. Investment App Abra Expands US Offerings With 60 New Cryptos  CoinDesk
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  1. Watch Mercury Make Rare Transit Between Earth And The Sun | NBC News  NBC News
  2. SDO caught the Mercury transit from space  EarthSky
  3. 2019 Mercury Transit Captured by NASA Spacecraft  VideoFromSpace
  4. Planet dances with sun | Local News  The Chronicle Journal
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  1. Brutal dæmon battle between Lyra's Pan and Mrs Coulter's Ozymandias | His Dark Materials - BBC  BBC
  2. His Dark Materials costumes: the story behind Ruth Wilson's glamorous looks for the BBC series  Telegraph.co.uk
  3. His Dark Materials boss explains episode 2's book change  digitalspy.com
  4. His Dark Materials Reveals Mrs Coulter Is Severed | Screen Rant  Screen Rant
  5. The Challenges—and Joys—of Adapting ‘His Dark Materials’  The Ringer
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  1. Instagram is testing a new video editing tool called Reels that copies TikTok’s best features  The Verge
  2. Instagram tries to mimic TikTok with its new 'Reels' feature in Brazil  The Next Web
  3. Instagram cribs TikTok with new music-heavy Stories features  Engadget
  4. Instagram Stories launches TikTok clone Reels in Brazil  TechCrunch
  5. [Update: Launched in Brazil] Instagram is testing Scenes: a TikTok-like video editing tool for Stories  XDA Developers
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  1. Netflix explains why its apps won't work on older TVs and set-top boxes  Engadget
  2. Why some Roku, Samsung, and Vizio devices will not stream Netflix  BGR
  3. Netflix reveals why it's dropping support for some older devices  TechSpot
  4. Netflix ending support for some devices blamed on DRM  SlashGear
  5. Older Devices To Lose Netflix Support From 2 December  Technology Zimbabwe
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  1. Our Favorite Ways to Play - 2019 - Nintendo Switch Lite  Nintendo
  2. Nintendo says it has 'no plans' for a Switch price cut  Video Games Chronicle
  3. Can You Watch Disney+ On Nintendo Switch, Xbox One And PS4?  Forbes
  4. Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers - prices slashed ahead of Black Friday  Express
  5. Tencent to break into US console market via Nintendo partnership  SlashGear
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  1. Uber CEO under fire for remarks on murdered journalist  ABC News
  2. Tech’s transportation companies keep bending the knee to Saudi Arabia  The Verge
  3. Uber CEO calls Khashoggi murder a 'mistake'  TRT World
  4. Uber under fire after CEO calls Saudi writer's gruesome killing 'a mistake'  Autoblog
  5. Uber's Khosrowshahi, other CEOs, shrug at abuses outside U.S. borders  Axios
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  1. Elon Musk's SpaceX launches 60 more Starlink internet satellites  The Telegraph
  2. Elon Musk snub: SpaceX CEO’s plan to colonise red planet is challenged by Mars expert  Express.co.uk
  3. UFO spotted in Algarve skies turns out to be satellites  Portugal Resident
  4. Astronomers around the world warn massive satellite build-up could 'cut us off from the cosmos' forever  The Telegraph
  5. Scientists: SpaceX Satellites Threaten "Astronomy Itself”  Futurism
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Belgrade Condemns Kosovo's Invalidation of Votes from Serbia  Balkan InsightView full coverage on Google News
  1. Boy, 5, with dementia can recognise his parents again after having chip put in head  Mirror Online
  2. Boy with 'dementia' recognises parents again after getting a chip implanted in his head  Daily Mail
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  1. Research sheds new light on earthquake that killed 9,000 people  Phys.org
  2. The Thrust of the Problem: New Understanding of Quake That Killed 9,000 People  SciTechDaily
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  1. Kate Middleton is elegant as she joins Prince William for a charity event in London  Daily Mail
  2. Kate Middleton and Prince William Had a Rare PDA Moment During Their Event at Troubadour White City Theatre  ELLE.com
  3. Kate Middleton and Prince William Meet Special Volunteers Who Staff Their Crisis Text Line  PEOPLE.com
  4. Kate and Prince William in rare display of affection as they arrive at key engagement  Express
  5. Prince William and Kate Middleton comfort fellow parents at mental health engagement as it happened  HELLO!
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  1. 'The Mandalorian' review: Well, looks like we're getting a 6-hour Star Wars movie  Mashable
  2. Disney+ app for Android and Android TV now available w/ Chromecast support  9to5Google
  3. The Mandalorian | Special Look | Disney+  Star Wars
  4. Disney+ has arrived, here's everything you need to know  Engadget
  5. The Mandalorian review: Disney Plus hunts the wild side of Star Wars  CNET
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  1. Drake Just Trolled Everybody After He Was Booed Off Stage At Tyler The Creator's Music Festival  BuzzFeed
  2. Drake booed off stage at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival  WUSA9
  3. Drake responds after getting booed off stage at Camp Flog Gnaw  Brooklyn Vegan
  4. Drake jokes about getting booed at Camp Flog Gnaw festival: 'Just signed a 10 year residency'  USA TODAY
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  1. vivo S5 official images show off the phone in a blue gradient - GSMArena.com news  GSMArena.com
  2. Vivo S5 will officially arrive on November 14th  Gizchina.com
  3. Vivo S5 fresh renders released to reveal design from all angles  gizmochina
  4. Vivo S5 Gets More Renders Revealed Ahead of Launch, Blue Gradient Finish Teased  NDTV
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  1. Switching back to a dumbphone was the smartest thing I’ve ever done  Digital Trends
  2. Pixel 4 XL bashing misses the big picture: here is why I think this is the best Android phone of 2019  PhoneArena
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  1. Master & Dynamic MH40 Wireless review: looks like $300, but doesn’t sound like it  The Verge
  2. Master & Dynamic made a wireless version of its iconic MH40 headphones  Engadget
  3. Master & Dynamic’s first headphones reborn as the MH40 wireless  Digital Trends
  4. Master & Dynamic’s iconic MH40 headphones were just re-released with big upgrades  BGR
  5. Introducing MH40 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones  Master & Dynamic
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