1. Hospital frontline: fighting a new disease with no effective drugs or vaccine - BBC News  BBC News
  2. Ashford and St Peter's only Surrey hospital trust to record coronavirus patient death in past 24 hours  Get Surrey
  3. Great Western Hospital hits NHS cancer wait target  Swindon Advertiser
  4. No new hospital deaths in Devon and Cornwall  Devon Live
  5. Live coronavirus updates as changes to furlough scheme announced by Chancellor  Gloucestershire Live
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  1. Ask Dr. Nandi: Up to 80% of COVID-19 infections are asymptomatic, a new case report says  WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7
  2. Asymptomatic coronavirus: how common is it and can its spread be contained?  The Guardian
  3. COVID-19: Summer cruise ship season cancelled | Vancouver Sun  Vancouver Sun
  4. Rates of ‘symptomless’ COVID-19 infections may be higher than previously thought, study finds  INQUIRER.net
  5. Scary study shows just how dangerous the coronavirus still is  BGR
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  1. In Brazil, a President Under Fire Lashes Out at Investigators  The New York Times
  2. Bolsonaro's Brazil becomes coronavirus hotspot  Channel 4 News
  3. Brazil’s chloroquine battles: ‘They were saying they were going to kill me’  Financial Times
  4. Bolsonaro's Brazil becomes coronavirus hotspot – Channel 4 News  Channel 4 News
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Tips for Donating to Charities through an Amazon Wishlist for to Tackle COVID-19 Amazon Wish List
  1. Mortality and pulmonary complications in patients undergoing surgery with perioperative SARS-CoV-2 infection: an international cohort study  The Lancet
  2. Surgery after Covid-19 raises death risk: Global study  Hindustan Times
  3. Study highlights risk of post-surgery complications in coronavirus patients  ITV News
  4. Mitigating the risks of surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic  The Lancet
  5. Covid-19 patients who have surgery at higher risk of death - Birmingham study  Birmingham Live
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  1. Testing for COVID-19  The Lancet
  2. The most important thing you can do to stop the novel coronavirus  BGR
  3. SARS-CoV-2 Infection Rate 16% in Asymptomatic Pregnant Women  Medscape
  4. Think you had coronavirus in December? New federal study shoots down that myth  Tacoma News Tribune
  5. Infection risk half in kids, but they spread coronavirus: Study  Hindustan Times
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  1. Covid-19 spreading too fast to lift lockdown in England – Sage adviser  The Guardian
  2. Britain's Science Advisory Board Publishes Minutes of Meetings  The New York Times
  3. Lockdown relaxation may be moving too fast for safety, scientists warn  Financial Times
  4. Coronavirus in England: half of those with symptoms not isolating  The Guardian
  5. Scientists recommended face coverings weeks before Government advice  The Dumbarton and Vale of Leven Reporter
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  1. Coronavirus: GPs not told when patients removed from 'shielding lists'  BBC News
  2. Coronavirus - The Latest: Thursday 28 May  The Telegraph
  3. Shielding end date: When will shielding end?  Express
  4. Here's what Google's analysis of mobile phones shows about people's movements in Lancashire  Lancaster Guardian
  5. People shielding from coronavirus 'feel left behind' as lockdown measures ease  Jersey Evening Post
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  1. Older men exhibit less COVID-19 worries than others  News-Medical.Net
  2. Older men worry less about Covid-19 than others: study  The Indian Express
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  1. Researching the link between COVID-19 and heart disease  KENS 5: Your San Antonio News Source
  2. S. Korea examines first suspected cases of syndrome in kids linked to COVID-19 - The Jakarta Post  Jakarta Post
  3. The Hunt to Understand COVID-19's Connection to Kawasaki Disease  TIME
  4. Doctors Warn Of Coronavirus-Related Inflammatory Syndrome  CBS Pittsburgh
  5. Immunotherapy, Steroids Outcomes Positive in COVID-19–Associated MIS  Medscape
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  1. Research provides new evidence for potential blood-based biomarker for Alzheimer's  News-Medical.Net
  2. New evidence for a blood-based biomarker for Alzheimer's disease  Medical Xpress
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Anti-inflammatory drugs may help keep novel coronavirus in check; mornings not ideal for fever screening  Deccan HeraldView Full coverage on Google News
  1. Cancer undiagnosed 'for nearly 2,000 people in UK every week'  The Guardian
  2. 2,000 cancers are going undiagnosed EVERY WEEK because of the coronavirus crisis, charity warns  Daily Mail
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‘Cloth masks may prevent Covid spread’  Times of IndiaView Full coverage on Google News
  1. Should businesses mandate wearing masks?  WPTV News | West Palm Beach Florida
  2. Which kind of face mask will best protect you against coronavirus?  The Guardian
  3. Where To Buy Face Mask Filters And Face Masks With Filter Pockets  HuffPost
  4. Gravitas: Is your child safe in a mask?  WION
  5. There Are 3 Things We Have to Do to Get People Wearing Masks  The New York Times
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  1. Scientists identify obscure protein responsible for advanced breast cancer  Medical Xpress
  2. Breast Cancer Breakthrough  University of South Australia
  3. Breast cancer protein pinpointed by University of SA researchers  7NEWS.com.au
  4. SA scientists find breast cancer link  NEWS.com.au
  5. A Breakthrough Breast Cancer Vaccine Is Being Tested By Australian Scientists  Marie Claire
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  1. Picky eaters may not grow out of it  Futurity: Research News
  2. Picky eating linked to demanding parents who limit foods, study says  CNN
  3. Children may not grow out of being picky eaters, new research suggests  Yahoo Lifestyle
  4. Not all kids outgrow being fussy eaters, and pressuring them may make them even pickier  TimesLIVE
  5. Picky eaters will never evolve their diets if they fail to vary their food by the age of four  Telegraph.co.uk
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Medical experts raise doubts about Hydroxychloroquine use for Covid-19  TRT WorldView Full coverage on Google News
  1. Doctors condemn secrecy over false negative Covid-19 tests  The Guardian
  2. Austria's president apologises for Covid-19 curfew breach – as it happened  The Guardian
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  1. THE NEW NORMAL: Fauci says Americans can celebrate Memorial Day with precautions  KETKnbc
  2. What the Coronavirus Task Force Says About Memorial Day 2020 Outdoor Activities Like Beaches, Golf and More  Newsweek
  3. Dr. Deborah Birx OKs Memorial Day golf, tennis with marked balls and socially distant picnics  Daily Mail
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  1. THIS is the 1st step you should take if you or your closed one is suffering from a mental health issue  PINKVILLA
  2. Mental Health awareness under the spotlight in UK  Vatican News
  3. Mental Health Awareness Week: How to talk to a friend in need  Express
  4. Talking and exercise – Chris Kirkland’s advice for Mental Health Awareness Week  This Is Anfield
  5. Torah For Today! This week: Kindness  Jewish News
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  1. Pregnant women with Covid-19 show placenta injury in small study  Times of India
  2. Placentas from COVID-19-positive pregnant women show injury  EurekAlert
  3. Covid-19 appears to attack placenta during pregnancy, study says  msnNOW
  4. Injuries Found in Placentas From COVID-19-Positive Pregnant Women – Suggests Abnormal Blood Flow Between Mothers, Babies  SciTechDaily
  5. Coronavirus: Study finds that pregnant women who tested positive for COVID-19 had 'changes in the placenta'  9News
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  1. Chinese COVID-19 vaccine appears safe in early human trial: CanSino Bio’s Ad5-nCoV triggers immune response  Times Now
  2. Why we might not get a coronavirus vaccine  The Guardian
  3. Early study of Covid-19 vaccine developed in China sees mixed results  STAT
  4. Safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of a recombinant adenovirus type-5 vectored COVID-19 vaccine: a dose-escalation, open-label, non-randomised, first-in-human trial  The Lancet
  5. Studies in monkeys show that coronavirus immunity holds up in vaccine treatments  Popular Science
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  1. Study: HCQ led to higher mortality and heart issues in Covid-19 patients  WION
  2. Govt expands Hydroxychloroquine as prophylactic for healthcare workers  Livemint
  3. Govt Expands Use of HCQ to Prevent Covid-19 But Large Study Ties Drug to Increased Heart Problems, Death  News18
  4. WHO advises against use of hydroxychloroquine even as ICMR approves  India Today
  5. ICMR issues revised advisory on use of hydroxychloroquine  Livemint
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  1. Why we need more research on animal infection with the new coronavirus  Medical News Today
  2. Studies: Early tests, not symptom screening, can control COVID-19 in nursing homes  CIDRAP
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  1. This free AI chatbot helps businesses fight COVID-19 misinformation  The Next Web
  2. New Study Suggests That Cannabis Could Help Stop The Spread Of COVID-19  Complex
  3. Aurora Cannabis downgraded by Jefferies as re-rating 'neither justified nor sustainable'  MarketWatch
  4. Cannabis is more effective at preventing and treating COVID-19 than hydroxychloroquine  The Next Web
  5. Cannabis could help treat and prevent coronavirus, according to new study  Happy Mag
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  1. COVID-19 vaccines should be focused on most vulnerable: Dr. Mark Poznansky  Yahoo Finance
  2. Chinese team develops COVID-19 vaccine candidate through new approach  CGTN
  3. Safety precautions that must be taken when developing Covid-19 vaccine  CNBC Television
  4. Scientists propose new truncated process for developing COVID-19 vaccines at "pandemic speed"  Deccan Herald
  5. Raleigh researcher searches for COVID-19 vaccine  CBS 17
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  1. Nurse shares photos of how Covid ravages the body  CNN
  2. Nurse Mike Schultz Shares Dramatic 50-Pound Weight Loss Photo After Surviving Coronavirus  Health.com
  3. Nurse Shares COVID-19 Before-and-After Photos to Prove It's Not Just the 'Sick and Elderly' at Risk  Yahoo Singapore News
  4. Nurse Shares Shocking 50-Pound Loss After Battling COVID-19 for 6 Weeks  TMZ
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  1. Coronavirus News Roundup: Progress in Vaccine Development, Clarification on Pharmacist-Provided Testing  Drug Topics
  2. HHS: Pharmacists Are Nationally Authorized to Administer COVID-19 Tests Under PREP ACT  Pharmacy Times
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  1. Did a mink just give the coronavirus to a human? Here’s what we know.  National Geographic
  2. Mink might be a COVID-19 intermediate host: Dutch research  CGTN
  3. Dutch Farm Worker Contracted Coronavirus From Mink  http://hamodia.com
  4. Mink Linked to Human Covid Case Prompts Dutch to Screen Farms  Bloomberg
  5. Dutch farm worker likely got COVID-19 from mink: Minister  Deccan Herald
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  1. Inflamed brains, toe rashes, strokes: Why COVID-19's weirdest symptoms are only emerging now  National Geographic
  2. Antibody study sheds light on COVID-19 immunity  Medical Xpress
  3. VERIFY: Llamas offer promise to prevent or treat COVID-19  WTHR
  4. Emory researchers find COVID-19 patients quickly develop immunity to virus  FOX 5 Atlanta
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Scientist warns 'uncontrollable' coronavirus will never be eradicated  ArabnewsView Full coverage on Google News
  1. How flashing lights could treat Alzheimer's disease  BBC News
  2. MIT researchers discover 'anti-aging molecule' that can heal DNA lesions linked with Alzheimer's  Daily Mail
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  1. A coronavirus vaccine could still be several months away  ABC10
  2. Korean drug firms in early stage of coronavirus vaccine development  The Korea Herald
  3. Medical Ethicist: To Speed Up Vaccine Development, Infect People With Coronavirus  WGBH News
  4. The Race to Develop a COVID-19 Vaccine, Explained  Rolling Stone
  5. COVID-19 vaccine trial to begin human testing in Australia  Sky News Australia
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  1. Spike in Kawasaki-like disease linked to coronavirus in France and Italy, one child dies  World Socialist Web Site
  2. Fundraising appeal launched after baby dies from rare illness linked to Covid-19  ITV News
  3. New virus may have triggered inflammatory syndrome in some children, say paediatricians  Economic Times
  4. Mum 'will never be whole again' after baby dies of coronavirus-linked Kawasaki syndrome  Birmingham Live
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  1. Coronavirus: Ireland begins first phase of easing lockdown rules  BBC News
  2. Coronavirus Ireland Live Updates: Rush hour traffic returns as country begins phase one of lockdown exit  Independent.ie
  3. Ireland moves to phase one of lockdown exit plan  theoldhamtimes.co.uk
  4. Ireland's coronavirus lockdown finally broken - but businesses warn against 'tsunami'  Irish Mirror
  5. Coronavirus Ireland: Here's what can open on Monday morning as restrictions ease  Dublin Live
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  1. UK to invest up to £93 million in new #Coronavirus vaccine centre - EU Reporter  EU Reporter
  2. Indian-origin minister unveils new multi-million-pound vaccine facility in UK  Times of India
  3. U.K. Vaccine Center Gets $159 Million Boost to Open Next Year  Bloomberg
  4. Coronavirus could 'burn out naturally' so vaccine not needed, former WHO director claims  Telegraph.co.uk
  5. Government invests £93 million in new vaccine-manufacturing facility  Swindon Advertiser
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  1. Early blood clot tests may help save critically ill Covid-19 patients from stroke: Study  Times of India
  2. How coronavirus destroys the human body, one organ at a time  Wired.co.uk
  3. Diabetes link in UK Indian deaths  Telegraph India
  4. Clot-busters to tackle coronavirus patients' blood problems  The Times
  5. Coronavirus: A Third Of Hospital Patients Develop Dangerous Blood Clots  Peace FM Online
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  1. Former WHO board member warns world against coronavirus 'vaccine nationalism'  The Guardian
  2. Australia must work to avoid 'vaccine nationalism', former top bureaucrat warns  Sydney Morning Herald
  3. Top adviser to Scott Morrison backs ‘no jab, no play’ for all  The Australian
  4. Warning on virus 'vaccine nationalism'  7NEWS.com.au
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  1. World's First SARS-CoV-2 Serology Test Detects Neutralizing Antibodies Without Containment Facility or Specimen  HospiMedica
  2. Duke-NUS to co-develop, produce one-of-its-kind Covid-19 test kit with partners  The Straits Times
  3. New Singapore-developed test can detect whether a person has had COVID-19 in 1 hour  Yahoo Singapore News
  4. Singapore team invents test kit that detects coronavirus antibodies in 1 hour  The Straits Times
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  1. A Chinese rocket weighing 18 tons falls to Earth as space junk crisis hits a tipping point  CNBC
  2. Chunks of China’s Powerful Rocket Fall Back to Earth, Narrowly Missing NYC  Yahoo Lifestyle
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  1. Did The Oxford Covid Vaccine Work In Monkeys? Not Really  Forbes
  2. Oxford COVID-19 vaccine shows promising results in study of 6 months | World News | WION  WION
  3. Coronavirus vaccine: Macaque monkey trial offers hope  BBC News
  4. Highly-anticipated coronavirus vaccine will be produced at large scale, won’t be expensive, says Oxford...  Firstpost
  5. Coronavirus: the week explained  The Guardian
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  1. Across the world, figures reveal horrific toll of care home deaths  The Guardian
  2. Coronavirus tests for all care home staff and residents three weeks away, Government admits  Telegraph.co.uk
  3. The covid and PPE struggle of our care home staff and residents as one home suffers 17 deaths  The Isle of Thanet News
  4. UK bars and hair salons get more help than care homes, say providers  The Guardian
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  1. Binge drinking can lead to drunkorexia in young women  National Herald
  2. ‘Drunkorexia’ On The Rise Among Female University Students  Forbes
  3. Binge drinking with restrictive eating- Beware Drunkorexia is calling  Medical Dialogues
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  1. First Large-scale Study Links Acute Kidney Injury and COVID-19 Hospitalizations  Business Wire
  2. Studies provide more evidence that coronavirus damages the kidneys  Daily Mail
  3. US Study: Kidney injury in 1/3rd of hospitalised COVID-19 patients  WION
  4. Kidney injury seen in more than a third of hospitalised COVID-19 patients: US study  CNA
  5. Kidney injury seen in more than a third of hospitalized COVID-19 patients: U.S. study  Reuters
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  1. Care home residents' families demand restart of inspections  The Guardian
  2. UK rejects calls to publish detailed data of care-home deaths from COVID-19  Reuters
  3. Coronavirus: Care home deaths 'higher than official figures'  BBC News
  4. UK gov't criticised for neglect of coronavirus in care homes  Al Jazeera English
  5. Map shows number of COVID-19 care home deaths in every Surrey borough  Get Surrey
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  1. 'Deeply worrying': 92% of Australians don't know the difference between viral and bacterial infections  The Conversation AU
  2. Two Epic Health Crises And Their Connection: Coronavirus And Antibiotic Resistance : Goats and Soda  NPR
  3. 'Superbugs' are a hidden danger in the fight against coronavirus, says former CDC director  CNBC
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  1. Quarter of Covid-19 deaths in English hospitals were of diabetics  The Guardian
  2. Coronavirus: A&E visits in England down to record low  BBC News
  3. Coronavirus: NHS data reveals lowest numbers of A&E patients ever on record | 5 News  5 News
  4. A&E attendances in England fall to record low in face of Covid-19 outbreak  ITV News
  5. GPs made 30% fewer referrals to secondary care during March  Pulse
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  1. England's Covid-19 infection rate too high for further easing, experts say  The Guardian
  2. One in 400 people in England has coronavirus, tests suggest  BBC News
  3. Coronavirus Explained: as England's COVID-19 lockdown eased, is it safe to return to work?  The Sun
  4. 148,000 in England infected with coronavirus in last two weeks  The Guardian
  5. When do the infected become infectious? | Ask CIDD  Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences
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  1. Nightly News: Kids Edition (May 14, 2020) | NBC Nightly News  NBC News
  2. Dr. Joseph Fair: ’Best guess’ is I got coronavirus through my eyes  TODAY
  3. NBC News contributor being treated with oxygen for COVID-19 | TheHill  The Hill
  4. FBI: China Is Targeting U.S. Coronavirus Research Through Cyberattacks | NBC Nightly News  NBC News
  5. Infectious disease expert says he caught coronavirus through his eyes  New York Post
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  1. Welltok adds four new digital programs, Atrium Health adopts Butterfly's handheld ultrasound and more digital health deals  MobiHealthNews
  2. Atrium Health deploys point-of-care ultrasounds to assess COVID-19 patients  Healthcare IT News
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